EXOCET toi markkinoille uuden RS380 Elite Raceboard laudan.

 Suomen ennakkotilauslaudat on nyt tilattavissa 3.150€ hintaan.

Lautoja on saatavilla hyvin rajallinen määrä, joten varaathan omasi ajoissa.

OVH: 3.410€

RS380 Elite pohjautuu edelliseen RS380 lautaan, mutta sitä on kehitetty ratkaisevasti,

esimerkiksi lisäämällä siihen Kale Männistön FIN-50 alunperin kehittämät perän plaanisiivekkeet.

Laudassa pystytään myös säätämään kölin paikkaa.

Kaudella 2019 kaikki Suomalaiset EXOCET RS380 lautaan vaihtaneet kisakuskit paransivat sijoituksiaan merkittävästi edellisestä kaudesta.


RS380 Elite

 Tilavuus: 311L

 Pituus: 380cm

 Leveys: 65cm

 Paino: 14.7kg (+/-6%)

 Evä: 52cm Tuttle box

 Köli: 85cm

Jalkalenkit: 8kpl  


Finnish Raceboard sailors training camp & Exocet RS380 test in Gran Canaria 19.1.-26.1.2019

Finnish top racers that attendet to the camp:

Lairi Hulkko Fin88 (Starboard 380 / 2Win)
Juha Blinnikka Fin6 (Starboard 377L / 2Win) Referense rider. 
Kale Mannisto Fin50 (Exocet RS380 / 2Win),
Tomi Salomaa Fin227 (Starboard 377XL / Demon)
Sami Karppinen Fin1971 (Starboard / 2win), missing from pic.

The training/test week was carried out in good conditions from really light, sub-planing conditions, to winds maxing out to 25kts.

As Kale had the Exocet RS380 with Him, this board was also tested extensively during the camp.

Big thanks go to Juha Blinnikka as he had the role of a reference sailor with His own trusty Starboard / 2Win combination. All the other Racers were changin between their own boards and the Exocet RS380.

The results of the testing accordin to the riders were impressive for the Exocet RS380.
They all found that with the Exocet RS380 their speed improved remarkably against Juha and all the other sailors, compared to sailing with their own boards. The only drawbacks are that the standard daggerboard is heavy and is not designed to operate the mast-track pedal, The standard footstraps can also be changet to the lighter ones.
During the test THE BOSS daggerboard was used in the board. (As in the other boards aswell.)

The key factor for the speed seems to be the balance and overall ease of controll of the Exocet RS380.

When railing upwind the board holds its cource and railing pitch really easy even in chop or in the bigger waves. This means that the sailor can get more speed, being able to focus in getting the max power out of the sail and also accelerating better out of the gusts.
This is most likely, at least partly, a result of RS380 having a more streight outline, compared to the other Raceboards. Also having the upwind footstraps slightly more out on the edges is helping the controll and giving the rider a more comfortable foot position when railing the board.

In downwind legs the Exocet RS380 holds its ground easily with other boards and the advantage in higher winds comes with the good and easy controll. The test riders commented also being faster downwind in all conditions, compared to their own boards.

Last but not least comes the easyness of the transitions and manouvering the board in the starting line. The flat deck shape and overall sability of the board makes it remarkably easy to stand on the board, which makes Tacking, Gybing and manovering the board while waiting the start signal way more easy than with some heavily domed & concaved decks.

Rider comments:

Kai Männistö
We have been training, racing and testing, using similar equipement, with Juha Fin6 a lot in the past years, so we know really well our speed differences in all of the conditions.
Now here we had identical 2Win rigs, and The BOSS daggerboards. The only difference was the board, Me having the Exocet RS380.
With this board I improved my performance dramatically against Juha in all directions of sailing.
Before I used to lose in the high wind condition upwind legs to Juha Fin6, but now I was doing the same and even being faster every now and then.
On downwind in the lighter air I was planing even more earlyer than I used compared to Juha.
In the past I was losing a lot in High wind downwinds to Juha, but with RS380 I could match Juha´s speed, because of the easyness and controll of the board. I only losed downwind when I made mistakes riding the waves and Juha being soo good, making no errors what so ever.

Overall I´m really happy about the Exocet RS380 and lookin forward having great results in racing with this board. (And beating Juha every now and then)

Kale Fin50


Tomi Salomaa

The  one thing that striked me was the easyness and balance of this Exoset RS380. Compared to My board it´s easyer to controll and to maouver and this made me go faster on all the legs.
As a joke I told everybody that if I fall down two times less in one competition, because of this easyness, I´ll improve my overall speed and results dramatically!

So, I ordrered a RS380 for me to be racing with it.

Tomi Fin227

Lauri Hulkko

It´s impressive how the board is pointin upwind with ease and controll. So much more speed beacuse of this. And it´s fast downwind as well

After testing this beast i decided to order it for me!

Lauri Fin88


Sami Karppinen

I had the chance to be testing the board just a couple of times. I noticed that the board is really easy and stabile. That means in the sub planing comditions that I could be pumping more effectively and by that I was faster than with my own board.
In higher winds the upwind tracking has the same effect. The board is so steady that i can get all the power out of the sail and convert that power in to speed.

I´m so convinced of the performance that I already orderd the board for Me.

Sami Fin1971