Täältä löydät Simmerstyle ja Phantom wingfoil, windfoil, surf foil, sekä SUP foil huippukamppeet!
 Simmer Style Wingfoil tarjous:

Forward draft wing design

We are fired up on Wind Wing!
Our new UFO wing captures all this enthusiasm with its lightness, performance, and durability as the key design parameters. For us winging is a complete game changer, it turns most mediocre conditions into your best day on the water. We are so psyched to develop wings that will be part to push this fantastic sport forward.

When we designed the UFO, we set out to create an all-around performer designed for super smooth, fun riding. The highly rigid structure facilitated by a V-shaped leading edge and long central strut provides effortless handling, lightweight, and easy control. The profile is designed much similar to that of a windsurfing sail, with forward-focused power delivery and negative leach that release excess power. Two separate semi-rigid handles offer a seamless connection to the wing. The handles are positioned for different rider options and are intuitive to use in all transitions and moves. A one-pump system allows you to inflate the wing quickly in one go.

Maximize your time on the water with the trademark Simmer Style quality and performance of our UFO!

3.0m2, 4.0m2, 5.0m2, 6.0m2

Hinta 839€ - 950€

SIMMER G6 Blackbird WF

80L, 90L, 110L,130L

Hinta 1390€

The improved Blackbird WF comes in 80, 90, 110, and 130 liters.
The 80 and 90 are uncompromisingly dedicated to Wing-foiling with key characteristics being a super compact shape with low volume, more radical bottom contours, recessed deck shape for comfort, control and a direct connection with the foil and all features needed to push the limits.

The 110 is dedicated to everyone getting into Wing Foiling. The extra length and heaps of volume turn you into an addicted winger in no time. The 130 is a true multi-discipline: Ideal for Wing Foiling and Windsurf Foiling.

How does this work? The innovative design configuration combines generous volume distributed in a compact outline for an easy start and maximum floating stability. The ultra-compact shape provides a quick and clean release and feels minimal when in flight mode. The design features forgiving beveled rails combined with a step tail for efficient release and smooth touchdowns. Ride it strapless or use the multiple straps position to choose your preferred setup. The board comes standard with 2 x US Track for seamless connection with your foil of choice.

Versatility is the name of the game with the Blackbird Foil Board. If you find a long rolling swell, you mount your foil and start to fly. When the wind picks up, you either use a wing or a windsurfing sail to fuel your flight. Furthermore, the compact design takes up far less space in the car and is hassle-free to carry around. Make the most of your time at the beach with a Blackbird Foil Board in your quiver.

 SIMMER STYLE Blackbirf Surf

A very efficient foil for Wing, and/or Windfoil.

The pre-preg carbon front wing features a generous surface area, creating superb lift into flight mode, even at lower speeds. The Surf foil is available in three different options; large, medium, or small. A shorter fuselage creates excellent maneuverability and very fluid performance in the surf. The mast is available in both aluminum or prepreg carbon for absolute performance.

Get going quickly and keep riding with the Blackbird Surf 75.

Delivered with: Transport bag, fittings, and Torx tool.

Hinta 1.199€ - 1.999€

 SIMMER STYLE Blackbird Cruz 85

The Blackbird Cruz is an all-round performer that brings joy in every discipline, this is the go-to foil for maneuverable, smooth, and super fun riding. A medium surface area of the carbon front wing provides a low drag for high top-end speeds whilst still generating superb lift.

The generous surface area of the carbon front wing creates superb lift into flight mode, even in lower speeds. The 75 cm fuselage provides additional stability and extra power. The ideal foil to cover your windsurf foiling experience all the way from beginner to performance level.

Available with an Alu or Carbon mast.

Delivered with: Transport bag, fittings, and Torx tool

Hinta 1.499€

 PHANTOM Wing-foil Freeride & Surf

The STRATO wing has been developed for increased versatility for both progression and improvement.
These materials make it a durable and high performance wing.
Available sizes are 3,4,5,6 m².

Stiff planform

The leading edge is made of Ho'okipa reinforced with Dyneema, which makes it more resistant to tearing and high pressure, and also 30% lighter than classic Dacron.
The dihedral angle of the wing has been optimized to improve stability during freefly periods or maneuvers. This allows for an increase in the aspect ratio while controlling the wingspan, resulting in a more compact wing.

High load canopy

The radial construction of the canopy allows for better load distribution of the wing and reduces deformation.
The canopy is made of two materials that combine strength and durability. CZ05 is a woven fabric that provides more responsiveness to your wing.
The trailing edge has three mini battens to provide better stability and durability

Extra features

Our wings come with rigid handles for optimal wing control. The ergonomics have been designed for effortless riding.
The One Pump system and the quick-release valve allow for easy inflation and deflation of your wing.
The rigidified leading edge handle provides precise control of your wing during maneuvers and surfing.


From design to materials used, the lightness of the wing has been optimized to allow you to progress and perfect your ride.

 PHANTOM Wing-Foil Racing